Be the People

This project does not exist without you. We need and ask you to join us, and to literally "Be the People."


YOU are the faces, the voices, the stories, and the communities—the fabric, fingerprints, guts, and breath of this important work. Join us in a movement to create a new, collaborative and crowdsourced work of art. Art that can only happen with you, because it IS you.

Donate Your Face

Donate your humanity.


On Location. Join us in one of seven carefully chosen locations throughout the country. Photographed by Artisit Director Jock McDonald, celebrate our differences, seen in a new way through our unquestionable similarities.


In a Patchwork. Even if you cant' be on location—we still want your face!

Be included in the We the People mosaic, a blend of unlimited photographs forms one unique and cohesive image.

Lend Your Voice

Storytelling is at the very heart of the human the race,


As part of the art project and documentary film, We the People will record and integrate voices, stories and accounts that start—and continue, important conversations about what it means to be human in America.