The Vision

Be the People is an original art project that captures the diversity of our nation in portraits and utilizes technology literally morphs the unique faces into one, creating a positive and emotional patchwork of the collective whole.

Projected as stunning, temporary performance art up to 80+ feet tall across buildings, walls, freeways, landscapes, moving objects and more in real-time, it’s a visual and visceral experience of our shared humanity.


Bear witness to our shared history. Pain, glory, beauty, mercy, mortality, wonder, tragedy, love, hate, compassion and survival. Glimpse a lingering and eternal hope through the eyes of a disparate and fractured nation.

"…without diversity, life would be very boring."

- Catherine Pulsifer

The Objective

Be the People is a bold and ambitious mission. Traveling to thoughtfully chosen and curated locations across the country, it captures the people, place and projection—as both a visionary and interpretive artwork and documentary film. Woven together, it's a series of moments that represent America, revealing the story of a nation.

On location, we’ll shoot black and white portraits, morphing the images to create real-time light-art installations projected as a gift to the community, the participants and the world.


Be the People is made up of 4 major scopes of work—


THE ART PROJECT details the overarching and audacious mission of the entire artistic journey.


THE DOCUMENTARY feature captures the story of this incredible project and creates an enduring film to share with the masses.


THE PR/MARKETING drives the ultimate success of the entire project, both online and off.


THE PARTNERS make it happen. From a "Be the People" crowdfunding to destination partners and sponsors, this is the "meat and potatoes."